According to certified governmental sources, one third of waste produced each year is made up of organic substances that is the largest problem to be managed with traditional disposal systems due to the environmental impacts it generates. Recycling organic substances in waste is beneficial to the environment and population since recycling waste as organic fertilisers or stabilising it could reduce the environmental impacts due to its final disposal in dumps.

Composting is a technique through which the natural process inherent to organic substances is controlled, accelerated and improved. It is an “aerobic biological decomposition process of organic substances that occurs in controlled conditions to create a biologically stable product whose organic components have a high level of evolution”.

The wealth of humus in active microbe flora and micro-elements, makes the compost an excellent product, suited for various agronomic uses, from plant nurseries to open field cultivation.

For unsorted waste treatment, a product can be obtained through composting for non-agricultural use such as use for landscaping and environmental reclamation (i.e.: former mine reclamation) or as daily landfill for dumps.

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