Ecogreen Screener

The ECOGREEN SCREENER series is used in waste processing and compost plants, both in the pre-processing and final product processing phases.

It is a multipurpose machine suited for:

  1. pre-treatments that remove undesired and non-degradable objects from the biomass before it is set to biological treatment.
  2. final treatments that specifically aim to standardise particle size and remove any undesired objects overlooked by pre-treatments, before placing the product at is final destination.

The ECOGREEN SCREENER lowers the amount of foreign objects (plastic, glass, paper, etc.) in separated organic waste from 5-10% to 2-3% or less. This prevents excessive machinery wear, guaranteeing product purity during final processing.

Dimensional product separation can be diversified according to customer needs into various sizes thanks to the easily interchangeable drum (available with 8/10 mm, 20/25 mm up to 40/45 mm and customisable mesh).

Simple drum use, maintenance and automatic cleaning thanks to the hydraulic brush are other factors that make it an excellent investment.

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