Ecogreen Compact

ECOGREEN COMPACT Bio shredder-mixer machines are essential in processes that require the fast and accurate shredding and mixing of different products for both the compost process and to reduce volumes.

ECOGREEN COMPACT Bio shredders-mixers provide balanced grinding and shredding, outputting a product with characteristics suited for the biological activities of microorganisms, considerably reducing volumes and obtaining an excellent compost.

During the shredding cycle the material is simultaneously mixed, significantly accelerating the process especially when two or more types of products are included with different fermentability.

The ECOGREEN COMPACT series adopts the “Free Flow Mix” patented technology with low rpm blade rotors.

The unparalleled technology of the Ecogreen Composter bio shredder-mixers offers:

  1. Excellent grinding designed to accelerate the microbe action thanks to a larger contact surface.
  2. Perfect biomass homogenisation necessary for gas diffusion;
  3. Drastic noise reduction during the work cycle
  4. Removal of hazards due to projected products during processing
  5. Operator safety and comfort thanks to the absence of air and noise pollution

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